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So, you’ve finally decided to get plastic surgery for your dream body. Congratulations!

The next step is perhaps one of the biggest ones:

Who should you choose to be your plastic surgeon?

“The decision to have plastic surgery and who to trust to perform your procedure should be approached similarly. You should also take it more seriously than, say, deciding which restaurant to try this weekend.

We make all important decisions based on the information presented to us. The sources of this information come from several different references. Much of this comes from family members and friends, books, magazine articles, social media posts, internet links, and videos.

We ultimately choose which reference is most credible to us and use it to weigh in on our decision-making process.”

Nick Masri MD is further explaining the process before and after plastic surgery procedure:

Nick Masri MD:

Preparation is key

Okay, so you chose the procedure and have picked out your surgeon.

Now you are all set, right? 

Not exactly. You also need to have a thorough understanding of what a surgical procedure involves from beginning to end.

Most surgeons require a preoperative medical clearance to confirm your health status. This requires a visit to your primary care physician, where blood work and x-rays are performed.

After that, a follow-up with your surgeon’s office for review is required. Once your surgeon completes their assessment, you are off to surgery.

plastic surgery preparation medical examination

Nick Masri MD:

What comes after also matters

Nick Masri MD explaining why post-surgery recovery is equally important.

The procedure goes as planned. The surgery was a success.

Congratulations! It’s over!

… not so fast!

Though the surgery was a success, you still have to heal and recover from the surgery. Doing so is often much more difficult than the preparation and surgery itself.

Plus, you still have many unanswered questions on wound care, drain care, dressings, garments, and such.

What activities can you perform? What should you eat? When can you drive? These are just a few commonly asked questions.

All of these questions arise after surgery. It doesn’t matter whether they were discussed several times before the procedure. It’s only after the surgery that they become relevant.

This is also when you become aware of how important it is to have access to this information and not just read about someone else’s experience on social media.

In most cases, this was the first time you, as the patient, had undergone such a procedure.

Your first time is just that. Your friend’s first time is just that.

Anybody else’s experience will never be the same as yours.

Nick Masri MD: The formula to

A Successful Plastic Surgery

The communication and accessibility of your surgeon and their office staff make all the difference in the world in improving outcomes.

All board-certified plastic surgeons have studied and trained in the basic elements of plastic surgery. In time, they develop their skills with their gained experiences and begin to specialize in specific procedures.

They perform procedures on people from all walks of life, day in and day out. Plastic surgeons deliver 50% of the equation in creating successful outcomes.

The ability to address potential complications and decrease post-op healing times to achieve your desired results in a timely manner is half of the procedure.

To achieve great results, patients need to offer the other 50% by watching their diet, gradually going back to their routines and activities, taking care of their wounds, and even knowing their genetic predispositions.

Receiving the correct information from your surgeon and their office as well as having access to your surgeon and their knowledgeable staff in a timely fashion only adds to this equation for success.

What Makes Nick Masri MD Different?

Although a lot of professionals in the medical community can perform such procedures, Dr. Masri stands out because of two things:

He performs plus-sized cosmetic surgery on patients with high body mass index (BMI).

Most plastic surgeons only work with patients with a maximum BMI of 35. This severely limits the options of people with even higher BMIs, making it harder for them to improve their bodies. It can even affect their outlook in life. 

Plus, high BMI patients have medical and surgical issues that may not be as straightforward and routine as lower BMI patients. That is why Dr. Masri takes the time to thoroughly evaluate each high BMI patient to ensure safety.

He does major surgeries in hospitals.

Dr. Nick Masri Miami Plastic Surgeon is a firm believer that the welfare of his patients should always come first. That is why he takes all the precautions needed and performs major surgeries exclusively in hospitals.

Hospitals have better and more advanced facilities than outpatient surgery centers. They are also equipped with highly trained emergency staff.

In the slight chance that something goes wrong during a medical procedure, emergency personnel could respond more efficiently.

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