The Simple Trick To Upgrade Your Liposuction Results

By: Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

It amazes me how a lot of people are so fixated on getting rid of fats in their bodies…

When most of the time, the REAL problem is NOT the presence of excess fats.

It’s the LOOSE SKIN that often comes with it.

Many patients think that removing fat from their bodies through liposuction can solve their problems and help them achieve the body they want.

But the transformation is incomplete if they just leave the loose skin behind.

You might even look worse in such cases!

Unfortunately, traditional liposuction alone can’t do anything for loose skin.

That’s why lipo is often just an “add-on” procedure to various excess skin removal surgeries, which you’ll learn about in this newsletter.

So if you want to enjoy a sculpted body…

Make sure you pair liposuction with body contouring procedures that also get rid of sagging skin in your body.

That’s the secret to superior plastic surgery results.

To a more defined body,

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