To Get Surgery… Or Not To Get Surgery?

By: Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The other day, a patient who lost more than 50 pounds consulted with me.

She showed me photos of her previous body…

And the results of her hard work were nothing short of amazing.

She completely looked different from the photo she was holding.

And when I say different, that means miles better than her previous appearance.

But despite that…

She still came into my clinic wearing baggy clothes that didn’t do justice to her new figure.

Of course, I could already guess why.

Because when she raised her shirt…

The bulge of excess fat and skin on her midsection came into full view.

I told her that such things are unavoidable when you lose a lot of weight.

I was about to recommend getting a tummy tuck or a lower body lift when she asked…

“Can I just get CoolSculpting sessions to get rid of this?”

As a plastic surgeon, that thought was ridiculous.

How can a procedure like CoolSculpting totally eliminate such a massive amount of loose skin?

But I also know that because of the advent of these techniques…

More and more patients expect these procedures to solve their body problems completely.

burst your bubble dr nick masri mdWell, sorry to burst your bubble, but…

Minimally invasive procedures are NOT for everyone.

In fact, they are not even for the majority of patients who want to achieve their dream bodies.

Because here’s the truth:

Mini-invasive procedures work best for people who’ve already achieved their ideal bodies.

They just need a bit of toning here and a little firming there.


Going under the knife can give you the BEST outcomes that will last for years.

They might even end up being more cost-effective in the long run!

Now, to know if you’re a suitable candidate for an actual plastic surgery… 

I’ve prepared a simple questionnaire for you in this article.

To making the right choice,

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