It’s Summertime! You Know What That Means…

By: Nick Masri MD

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

I just have one question for you:

Is your body summer-ready?

But before you think of images of tanned skin, toned abs, and almost zero fat and sagging skin on the arms and legs…

Let me STOP you right there.

Sure, it’s the beach body many people would love to have…

But there’s something else that’s more important that you should have.

And that’s CONFIDENCE.

In fact, according to my patients, that’s one of the biggest reasons why they get plastic surgery:

They want to feel confident in their own skin.

And confidence means something different for every person.

Some women feel beautiful with larger, perkier breasts.

Others just want to remove that extra pooch sticking out of their tummy.

And still, some people feel more desirable with toned arms or legs.

So, whatever your definition of confidence is…


And to help you achieve that body you can flaunt and be proud of…

Check out the rest of this newsletter as I go through your different plastic surgery options for a summer-ready body.

To your rockin’ summer body,

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