The Credibility Checklist: How to Know Your Plastic Surgeon is the Real Deal

credibility checklist

You can’t choose fairy godmothers, but you have a say on your chosen plastic surgeon.

As such, you must be critical in selecting one—a plastic surgeon, that is.

Here’s are the top five indicators of a credible plastic surgeon.

Board Certification

Medical boards attest to the qualifications and quality of procedures a surgeon offers.

Ask them if they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery—the only plastic surgery certifying board in the US.

It also won’t hurt if they have other board certifications, like the American Board of Surgery.

Dr. Nidal Masri is certified for both, making him a double board-certified plastic surgeon.

dr nick masri certifications nidal masri md

Surgeon’s Expertise on the Procedure You Want

While all plastic surgeons know how to perform all types of cosmetic surgery in theory, it doesn’t automatically translate to expertise.

It’s important to look into the surgeon’s past clients and the procedures they’ve done before.

Accreditation of the Surgeon’s Operating Facility

One surefire way of assessing a surgeon’s credibility is the accreditation of their operating facility. After all, reputable hospitals won’t partner with a surgeon with a dubious background.

A duly accredited facility means you have access to top-notch care before, during, and after the surgery.

It also helps that Dr. Nick Masri does his major surgeries in hospitals to prioritize patient safety.

Surgeon’s Aesthetics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since beauty is subjective, your preference matters a lot.

Check the before and after photos from your chosen surgeon to see whether the results appeal to you. Look at patients with similar features and who have undergone the same procedure as yours to help you visualize the outcome.

Initial Consultation

You’ll first get a “feel” of your surgeon during the initial consultation.

Questions that revolve around your medical history, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle are indicators of the meticulousness of your surgeon.

After all, a credible surgeon knows he must consider numerous factors before operating on a person.

In choosing a plastic surgeon, these are the five best credibility indicators.

You can also factor in outstanding customer service, as this will make your plastic surgery journey a stress-free one.

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