3 Misconceptions About Breast Lift Surgery You Should NOT Believe

Let’s face it. Despite breast lift being one of the more popular breast surgeries, many myths are still floating around the corner. And with so much misinformation, it’s easy to get confused.

So let’s set the record straight about breast lift’s most common myths:

Myth #1: Breast Lift Can Make Your Breasts Smaller

Many women think getting a breast lift will make their boobs smaller than before. That’s why they’re hesitant to get the surgery.

But the truth is, a breast lift won’t affect the size of your breasts at all.

A breast lift lifts the breast to a higher position on the chest wall, resulting in a more refreshed appearance.

As a result, it changes the profile of your breasts, decreasing the volume in the lower region while also increasing the breast volume in the upper pole region.

This change in position makes the breasts look smaller, even though it technically does not affect overall breast volume. Still, you might feel more comfortable wearing smaller bra sizes because of your lower breast’s new shape and volume.

So you don’t need to worry about decreasing your breast size with a breast lift.

Myth #2: Breast Lift Surgery Will Make Your Breasts Look Fake

Again, not true! In fact, according to Dr. Nick Masri, a breast lift helps create a more natural-looking appearance.

Here’s why:

  • A breast lift helps improve the shape of your breasts. If your breasts have lost their shape, a breast lift can give them a more youthful appearance.
  • A breast lift helps improve the appearance of your nipples. During a breast lift, Dr. Masri will reposition the nipple and areola. This step helps create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • A breast lift helps improve the symmetry of your breasts. With a breast lift, surgeons can create a more balanced look for your breasts.

If you’re considering breast lift surgery, don’t let the fear of looking “fake” hold you back. You can achieve beautiful, natural-looking results with a double board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Nidal Masri.

Myth #3: Breast Lift Surgery is Incredibly Painful

Any surgical procedure comes with some discomfort. And most of Dr. Nidal Masri’s patients report that the pain typically subsides within a few days.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

  • Pain is subjective. What one person perceives as excruciating may be barely noticeable to another.
  • Modern surgical techniques and anesthesia have come a long way in recent years. Patients can expect minor discomfort compared to those who underwent the procedure in past years.
  • Most surgeons will prescribe pain medication. After surgery, you’ll have medications to help you manage any discomfort.

While it’s true that breast lift surgery may not be pleasant, the pain is often not as bad as people fear. And in the end, most patients agree that the results are well worth any temporary discomfort.

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